Falling Lightblocks Theme Generator

Create your own themes here to use or share with others. With a theme, you can change the look of the blocks, the game screen and the music and sounds.

Use mp3 for sounds and png format for images. Recommended software for image editing is Gimp, and you can use Audacity for audio conversion. Maximum file size in total is 10MB.

Block images
A jstris skin file is of dimension 288x32 pixels, consisting of nine 32x32px images.
You can find jstris skins on the Hard Drop Discord.
If you don't give a ghost or grid block, the first (solid garbage) image is used for grid and the second (garbage) is used for ghost.
Block dimensions are 32x32 pixels with a padding of 1. Your block images may overlap, so block images to up to 72x72 pixels are accepted.
Background image
Optional, max. 1400x1024px. Use the template file as a help to create your background: png | gimp
Image scaling
All fields optional. Use hex color codes (rrggbb or rrggbbaa) from Gimp or here.
Optional. Please note that it will not loop perfectly on all platforms.
Alle sound files are optional.
Meta information